Dell Computer running very slow

A computer is known for its speed and performance but what if the computer is running slow? Then it will be a headache which needs to be cured as soon as possible. You can fix the issue of the slow running computer on your own though it is recommended to take guidance from professionals. You can reach them at Dell customer care number 1-877-576-7455 who are easy to connect all day long without any time and location constraints. There can be several reasons for your system to run slow: how you use your computer, software issue, corrupt OS or memory issue, outdated driver.

How to solve Dell computer running slow

In this blog you can find troubleshooting steps which can help you solve the slow performance of the computers:

 Update device driver and BIOS

Make sure that you are not using outdated device driver and Basic Input/ Output System Setting (BIOS). They must be updated from time to time for the computer to run smoothly.

 Clean Air Vents
Blocked air vents can cause many serious problems so it must be cleaned.
• Turn off the computer and check for air vents. It can be located at a different place depending upon the model number
• Use can of compressed air to remove dust and debris

 Free up disk space
• Click start and search ‘Disk Cleanup’
• Select C drive when the prompt appears. Delete the files after the scan is complete

 Scan your PC for malware
With the help of antivirus run a full system scan for any unwanted and malicious virus and malwares

 Restart your PC

Restarting is the effective way to clear RAM and shut down any offending services and application.

 Scan Corrupt Windows Files

• Open a command prompt to run ‘sfc/ scannow’ command
• If System file checker found any corrupt file it will be replaced then restart your PC

After successful completion of these troubleshooting steps, it is possible that you have rectified the slow running of your computer. But if you haven’t then just approach Dell technical support number available 24 hours a day. The experts are trained to resolve any technical issue within a short span of time. They will provide the best possible resolution for the issue confronted and the solution will be long lasting.

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