How do I change or cancel my AOL account for paid plans?

AOL has provided the facility for the users to change their Account type whether they want to upgrade it, or they can go for a free plan or even they can cancel it. We are here discussing the issues related to canceling the AOL Account where the users are unable to cancel their AOL paid account, well they have not to panic as we are providing the solution for the same issue with instructions and the users are required to follow the instructions with all the steps. If they face some error while following the process then they can have assistance through AOL customer care number +1-800-863-5563 where our technicians will resolve their issues within a short span of time.

aol customer support

AOL Customer Support

The users can manage their AOL plan from My Account option in Email interface where they can select a new plan or can review their plan or even cancel their billing. The users are required to review the following information before any action in their plans as by canceling the account will delete their all emails and the users will no longer be able to use the AOL account.

The users are required to keep the following points in the mind before canceling their AOL account:

  • They must cancel their billing and convert to a free AOL account in order to cancel their paid account.
  • If they will cancel their account in the middle of the billing cycle, they’ll have access to the service until the end of the cycle because payments are made a month in advance. After the billing cycle is over, then they will no longer have access to their AOL account, unless they reactivate within 90 days of cancellation.
  • The users will require their password to sign on to their AOL account.
  • The users will also require answering their Account Security Question.

Solution with complete process

1. In the beginning, the users are required to sign in to the My Account with their master Username and Password.
2. After that, they have to answer the Account Security Question and then they have to click on Continue option.
3. The users are required to click on Manage My Subscriptions to access their account information.
4. If the users would like to change their account to a different price plan, review the available plans and their benefits and click on Change Plan and then they have to follow the prompts to confirm their new plan whichever they want to choose.
5. Now in the final step, the users have to review the confirmation page. It will offer the users some option of changing to a lower-priced plan rather than canceling their account. If they still want to convert to a free AOL account, then select a reason for canceling from the drop-down menu and then click on CANCEL AOL.

As we can see from the above-mentioned solution for the technical issue that the users can resolve their issues very easily and can move further. The users have to just follow all the steps as we have provided above. If they face some technical error while following the steps then they have one more option to resolve the issues through our AOL technical support number +1-800-863-5563 and our skilled technicians will assist them in a proper manner.

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