How to fix Dell computer booting issue in Windows 10

Every computer or laptops go through a process called ‘booting’. When first started, the computer goes through a series of tests to ensure that its hardware is operational. Information related to the operating system is loaded with the end reason being the computer ready for further use. At certain times, your laptop might get stuck in the booting process and start immediately with incomplete booting. There can be many reasons for this to happen. In this situation, where you feel unable to do anything then feel free to connect with Dell customer care number 1-877-576-7455 where the team of experts will assist you in resolving the issue.

Causes of the computer not booting

  • The occurrence of error messages
  • Windows need update
  • Virus or malware attack
  • Improper connection with external devices
  • Computer demanding diagnostics run

Solution: Fixing the booting issue in Dell computer

Step 1: Observe where the boot process ends and start over. This will give an indication where the problem occurs. The issue might be with operating system or hardware.

Step 2: Boot in safe mode. That will load the minimum software needed to boot and also affect the device in the least minimum way. For doing so, press F8 key when the computer first starts up to get a submenu.

Step 3: Check if your computer is overheating, try to place it in such a place where it gets proper ventilation and the surface is compatible according to the device.

Step 4: Try to get your keyboard into safe mode, check to see that your keyboard is properly connected to the computer. Inspect for any damage in the cables.

Step 5:
Look out for any virus or malware inclusions on the computer, if you find some, scan the device properly using a good quality antivirus.

By analyzing the causes, you will be able to fix the issue properly without any interruption. You can follow the above steps for a solution, if faces any issue, reach out to Dell customer support number, which is available 24 hours of the day. The technicians will sort out the issue in no time.

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