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How to fix Dell laptop flickering screen problem

The brand of Dell laptop is famous for its reliable prices and amazing quality. These laptops are durable as well has various features that will surprise you. After all, there are some issues that appear with Dell laptop like flickering screen error. If you are facing same trouble then you can get help via customer care experts through Dell customer care number. With the help of trained experts, you will able to fix the laptop related all hiccups within the short time duration. Moreover, you can follow the instructions suggested on this blog for troubleshooting.

Method of troubleshooting the laptop screen flickering error:

1. Power off the laptop and then power on.
2. Refresh the laptop 5 times. Now check if the screen is still flickering or not.
3. Restart your Dell laptop and then check if the problem gets solved.
4. Now remove all cables and USB ports from your laptop.
5. Check if any wire of laptop is damaged.
6. Replace the damaged laptop wire.
7. Now you will have to update the graphics driver. Outdated version of Dell laptop driver may cause the laptop screen flickering issue.
8. Change the refresh rate of your laptop screen. The problem may appear due to the refresh rate of the laptop screen.
9. Reset your laptop, delete all old data and restore your system. Laptop flickering issue may be due to your corrupted data.
10. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes and then proceed to next step.
11. Now check the system restore has solved your problem or not.

Even, you have successfully completed all steps and yet the flickering issue remains the same as before then you should try to connect with experts. You can call on Dell customer support number and ask the experienced technicians for help. The trained experts will resolve your problem as soon as possible. They are 24×7 available for resolving the hiccups of Dell laptop. You don’t need to go to the customer care center because these experts will fix the screen flickering error through remote access.

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