How to Fix Dell Printer Paper Jam error

Consider a situation where you need to take out printouts of thousand page and while printing a pop up appeared which reads “Paper jam”. After seeing this issue you may get irritated and get started to research about the ways by which you can get out of this trouble. In order to save your precious time, you can get in touch with Dell customer care number 1-877-576-7455 available 24×7 to help you solve the issue with quick and easy solutions.

You will receive error code depending upon where the paper can get stuck:

Paper Jam 0- Paper got stuck in the feed tray
Paper Jam 1- Jam is in the fuser
Paper Jam 2- On the way out of printer paper got stuck

The possible reason why your paper got stuck in the printer are:

  • Paper is wrinkled- The papers which are there on the paper tray are wrinkled or not smooth
  • Too much Paper – If the tray has exceeded the number of papers that must be in the paper tray.
  • Incorrect loading- Always keep the papers the in the right position and correct way as directed in the paper tray.

How to Fix Dell Printer Paper Jam error

Paper Jam error is not knotty as you may think this can be easily solved by following some simple steps:

  • Turn of the printer
  • Remove all the cables
  • Open the front door
  • Pull out the toner cartridge gently
  • Then pull the imaging unit from the printer
  • If you are able to see any jammed paper then remove it with great care
  • Now insert the imaging unit, toner cartridge and close the door
  • Then turn on the printer and click ‘OK’ to clear the message on the printer

The solution step can differ slightly depending upon the model of printer. But after doing the steps as given you are still not able to rectify the problem then there must be some other problem. For resolving this unexpected error you can reach Dell technical support number who are online at all time. The professionals are well versed in solving an issue related to any model of Dell printer. They will diagnose the technical glitch first and then give will prompt resolution.

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