How to fix sound issues in Dell computers

Dell computers are widely known all over the world for their best in class quality and smart designs. Dell is the brand that everyone relies upon. Be it the computers, laptops or printers, Dell always focuses on creating best in industry products. But there occur some situations when this company’s computer users encounter some issues while using the system. And the most common issue is of unwanted sound. The issue can be easily solved with the help of Dell customer care number 1-877-576-7455 which can be reached 24 hours, round the clock.

Computer freeze, resetting the device, keyboard not responding, blank screen of death, problems in power on, excess fan noise and many more are some of the common issues, user’s face. But in case of issues related to sound, you can also try to fix the problem at your end by following some troubleshooting steps mentioned in this blog.

Before trying to resolve the issue, you must identify the root cause. Find the exact issue as sometimes there can be no sound at all or the issue of unwanted sound which may be due to some of these causes:

  • The unwanted sound from the speaker
  • Audio driver not working
  • Problem in speaker

How to fix the sound issues in Dell computers

  • Check volumes and cables: this is the most obvious step. As sometimes, you keep on blaming the device for no sound and you yourself have not properly connected the cables of the speaker to the device. Also, make sure that sound the sound is turned on and is set at the desired volume level.
  • Re-install the drivers: if you have recently updated your windows then you might have forgotten to reinstall the sound drivers. Go to official website of Dell and do the needful as soon as possible.
  • Fix the bad sound card: there can be a possibility that your sound card may be dead or corrupted due to which you are getting unwanted sound. Just fix it.

You can reach out to Dell customer support number if the issue does not get resolved even after trying the above solutions. The technicians will guide you in fixing the issue properly.

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