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How to Repair HP Printer Error 49

HP Printer Error 49 is one of the communication Error that can be caused due to failure of firmware or printer module. This error can be temporary and permanent depending upon the cause of error. Error 49 can be because of corrupted data, driver and faulty Defective Jet Direct Network Card or defective memory chip. This error exists in all printer model.

If the customer is not able to repair the HP error 49 then they can contact HP Printer customer care number 1-877-576-7455 through emails .They are there to provide you assistance and solve your queries and regarding the Printer error 49.

HP Printer Error 49


There are different ways in which one can resolve the Printer Error 49 by their own-:

  1. First and most simple step is to just clear the print queue or any pending jobs and then turn of the printer and unplug all the cables after 30 seconds plugging all the cables and turn on printer the error will vanish and you can continue to print.
  2. If the error is due to faulty memory chip or hard drive installed in formatter slot, remove it and reboot to check if error is gone. If you fail to do so replace the memory chip and hard driver.
  3. Error can be due to defective Jet Direct network Card then you can connect the printer through USB or other parallel port and check if the print job is working or not. If not then change the Jet Direct network Card.
  4. Corrupted driver can also trigger the Error 49 by sending bad data to rectify the error one has to download different driver which is compatible with the printer.
  5. Replace the formatter board if the error persist due to failure of formatter (it controls logic, receive data and print the command).

After following these above mentioned troubleshooting steps also if you are not able to resolve the printer issue then HP printer technical support number is available 24 x 7 to help and solve the issue faced by the customers.

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