I am unable to receive an Email in AOL

AOL is counted in one of the top communicative systems in the world with millions of users yet there are some issues which nag the users very often and need some solutions for them. In the same procession, we are here discussing an issue where “users unable to receive an email in AOL” and unable to handle this and need some assistance. We are here providing the complete solution with step by step methods for the convenience of the users so that they can utilize their AOL email properly. Users have to follow the provided steps as they are given over here and even after following they face some error then they can contact our tech support team through AOL Customer Service number +1-800-863-5563.

I am unable to receive Email in AOL

I am unable to receive Email in AOL

Users have to follow the solutions one by one and apply next method when the previous one doesn’t work.

Why users can’t access or receive their email in AOL Mail?

There might be some different reason why users are unable to read their email in AOL Mail. But they have not to worry, we are here to assist you!

We are providing some of the solutions to resolve the issue and users have to follow the process step by step to resolve the issues. Users are required to follow each and every step one by one.


Method-1: users have to clear cookies, cache, history, and footprints.

Whenever the user visits any website some cookies stored on the computer and these files can create such kind of trouble for the users to resolve the issue users are required to clear all these temporary files and cookies. In different browsers, there is a different way to clear these files.

Method-2: Users have to reset the web settings

This solution is for those browsers whose settings have been changed automatically so users have to reset those settings in connection to resolve the issue. Users can have the process in browsers itself.

Method-3: Users are required to disable the pop-up blocking of software

  1. Users have to try to access their AOL Mail by using a different browser such as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  2. All the users have to try to open their AOL Mail through a different computer (it is preferred from a different location).

Note: Almost all the pop-up blockers allows the users to hold down the Shift key as users click website links. This might disables pop-up blocking on a one-time basis.

Method-4: in this method users can disable the pop-up window in the AOL Mail settings.

  1. Users have to open AOL Mail.
  2. After that click on Options and select Settings.
  3. Now users have to select the General 
  4. In the Pop-Up Windows section, users have to make it sure that “Always read mail in a new window” and “Always write mail in a new window” are not checked. If any of the option is checked then uncheck them and click on Save Settings.

Note: In the General tab under Reading, make sure “Enable reading pane to preview mail” is checked.

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Method-5: Now time to disable temporarily a firewall or configure McAfee

It might be possible that the firewall or any other software which is preventing users from connecting to the AOL service. Users can temporarily disable their firewall and check whether they are able to connect to the Internet.

Method-6: Users are requested to Disable Internet Protected Mode in Internet Explorer.

Nowadays internet explorer has inbuilt function where Protected Mode is ON by default in recent versions. It might stop users to use the AOL email so users have to turn it off to use AOL email. We are providing the process over here:

  1. Users have to open the Tools menu first.
  2. After that go to Internet Options, and click on the Security
  3. At the bottom of the window, un-check“Enable Protected Mode”.
  4. Now users have to restart the computer to complete the change.
  5. After restarting computer users have to reload the AOL email to check whether it is working or not.

As we had seen that there are lots of methods for the users to resolve the issues. Users have tried each and every method one by one and try to use AOL Email every time they try one method and so on, if these methods failed to resolve the issue then they have one more option to rectify the problem and that our tech support system, user can contact to AOL technical support number +1-800-863-5563 to resolve the issue.

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