My AOL Gold Icon is Not Responding

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aol desktop gold

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My AOL Gold Icon Not working after Installing AOL Gold
My AOL Desktop gold icon is not responding
My AOL Gold Icon is not responding on Desktop
AOL Desktop won’t open windows 10
My AOL Desktop Gold icon not working
My AOL Desktop Gold icon Not Open
My AOL Gold icon won’t start when I Click on the icon

aol desktop gold

AOL Desktop Gold

Check if the icon is connected to the source?

• Sometimes the icon is a shortcut and can’t access the files from the software
To check this issue:

1. Right-click the icon and
2. Click on the properties
3. Check the target file and copy link
4. Paste link in the explorer and check whether there are any files in the folder.
5. If not, delete the desktop icon.
6. Open C:\Program Files\AOL Gold
7. Find AOL Gold icon >check whether program is running from this icon(if yes make a new desktop icon by right-clicking)

• Check for a virus which might be stopping this program file from running
Create a new user account

1. Start >control panel
2. User account and family safety
3. User accounts>manage another account
4. Click on Create a new user> create a new user >check if this one is working>
5. If yes then delete the previous account that is corrupt now.

If you want to change repair the user account then give a call at AOL Gold Tech Support Number.
If it does not solve the problem try to uninstall the software and reinstall it again by downloading it from AOL website to a different location in your drive.

This should probably solve your issue if the problem still persists then call AOL desktop gold customer support number 1-844-794-2515 and their all issues will be rectified immediately through our highly skilled and sophisticated technicians within a short span of time and the users can avail it very easily through the provided number of our tech support system. The users have not to worry while taking the support from the technicians.

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