Unable to Download AOL Online Mail to Hard Drive

Well, it is a quite frustrating situation for the users when they could not accomplish a task in any way whether it is signing email in AOL or they failed to download AOL Online Email to their Hard drive. We are providing the solution for the same issue with some instructions and steps the users are required to follow these steps strictly to resolve their issue and if they failed to do so then they have one more option to resolve through AOL Desktop Gold support +1-844-794-2515 where our technicians will assist them.

We are providing here two methods for the users to resolve their issues,first one is to save in PFC and another one is to save it into the system as file. We are mentioning both for the convenience of the users.

Save to PFC

1. First of all the users are required to log in to their AOL online account and after that they have to click on the “Mail” icon.2
2. In the next step the users have to click on the email message that they wish to download in their system or on their PFC. If they want to download a number of messages, then they have to press and hold the “Ctrl” key and then click on each message that they want to download or press “Ctrl-A” to select all of their email messages in one shot.3
3. After that previous step users have to click on the “Save” from drop-down arrow and then after they have to choose “On My PC” and then select the folder in which they want to download the emails.

Save as File

11. Now in this method the users have to first log into their AOL online account by visiting its official website and then they have to click on the “Mail” icon and thenclick on “Read” on the toolbar option.
2. After the previous step the users are required to double-click on the email that they want to save.
3.Now it’s time to select the “File” menu and after that they have to choose “Save” or “Save As” depending on the prompt message andthen click on the “Browse” to navigate to the location where theywant to save the email.
4. Now the users can give a name to their file and click “Save.”4
5. After that the users have to close the email window which is open and repeat the same steps for their different Emails.

As we described the complete solution to the users for the issues there were facing with complete instructions and users are required to follow the instructions as given above to resolve the issue. In any case, if the users failed to resolve the issue or they face any error then they can have assistance through AOL Customer Care +1-844-794-2515 and our technicians will assist the users in resolving the issues.

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