Unable to Install AOL Desktop Gold for Mac OS X

The users might face some issues related to AOL Desktop such as they are ‘unable to Install AOL Desktop for Mac’ and need some assistance to resolve the issue through the expert’s advice. We are providing the complete solution for the issue to the users. The users are required to follow the instructions as it is given below with all the steps. In case if they failed to do so then there is one more option to resolve the issue through AOL Desktop gold download +1-844-794-2515 where our technicians will assist them in resolving the issue.

IMPORTANT: The users can get the latest version of OSX that works with the AOL Desktop Software and that is OSX Mavericks. There is a custom version of Firefox with AOL customizations for users that have OSX Yosemite and above.

The users can get this version of Firefox from AOL official website of extensions. They have to follow the on-screen instructions to install this version of Firefox.

AOL Desktop for Mac is an all-in-one application, which is built from the ground up for Mac users, by Mac users. It can put the user’s web browser, instant messenger, email, and other popular features at one place for the users so that they can get more done with fewer clicks. The users can download AOL Desktop for Mac from the official website of AOL. We are providing the instructions below which will guide them through the installation processes.

IMPORTANT: If the users have saved their AOL password on the AOL Desktop Software, they have to ensure that they remember their password before they perform the steps given below.

Install AOL Desktop for Mac

1. Visit the users are required to visit the official website of AOL to AOL Desktop Gold.
2. After that they have to click Download Now in the All-In-One Software section.
3. Over here, On the Install AOL Desktop for Mac window, they have to click on Continue.

install aol desktop gold for mac

Install AOL Desktop Gold for Mac

4. Now Click on Continue again.



5. In the AOL Desktop for Mac section, click Continue.

aol desktop for mac

AOL Desktop for mac

6. On the Software License Agreement window, click Continue.

software license agreement

Software License Agreement

7. Click Agree.

installing the software

Installing the Software

8. Click Install.



9. Now the users are require to type the password, and then click OK.

installer requires password

Installer Requires Password

Note: The AOL Desktop for Mac starts installing on your computer.

installing aol desktop for mac

Installing AOL Desktop for mac

Upgrade AOL Gold Software for mac

10. After the software is installed successfully, the users are required to click on Close.

installation completed

Installation Completed

11. To launch the software, they have to click on the Go menu, and then click on Applications.



12. Under Name, double-click AOL Desktop v10.1. Once the software launches, sign on with your Username and password.

aol desktop

AOL Desktop

As we can see that by following the instructions the users can resolve their issues as we mentioned above. What they have to keep in mind that they have to follow each and every step carefully without making any mistake. Even if they face some error then they have another option to resolve the issues through install AOL gold number +1-844-794-2515 and our technicians will assist them in resolving the issues within a short span of time.

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