Unable to open AOL Email in AOL Desktop

We are here to discuss the issue which users face very often such as users are unable to open an email in AOL Desktop. Users need a solution as they can’t resolve it by themselves and they are not even techno-savvy so we are providing the solution for this issue with some steps. If users face any problem while following the process with all steps we are providing they can contact directly to our AOL Desktop Gold support number +1-844-794-2515 to resolve their issues.

Process for resolving the issue with step by step:

First users have to remove the PFC file for the affected Username

In this issue, it might be possible that user’s PFC file may be permanently corrupted or deleted accidentally and it should be removed by the users from its default location for the mailbox to display correctly. Users have to move the PFC file to the desktop and for that users have to follow the instructions below:

1. In the first step users have to close their AOL Desktop software.
2. Now they have to click on Start, then click on All Programs or Programs, after that click on AOL, and then click on AOL System Information.

Note: If the users are unable to access AOL System Information, they have to contact our tech support team through AOL Desktop Gold technical support number +1-844-794-2515.

3. Now users have to Open the Data folder and follow the below mentioned steps:

o If users are using AOL 9.0VR or higher, then click on the AOL Software tab, and then click Open Data Folder.
o If users are using AOL 9.0 Optimized, then click on the Data Folder.
o If users are using AOL 8.0 plus or earlier versions, then click on Folder.

4. Now after opening Data Folder users have to Right-click the Username file that has no extension, and then click on Cut.
5. After that users have click on the upper right, click on X to close the Organize window.
6. Users have to click on Close or X to close the AOL System Information window.
7. Now they have to right-click on their desktop, and then click on Paste option.
8. We are towards finals step and now users have to start the AOL Desktop software as they normally would, but no need to sign on.
9. After completing the previous step users have to click on the File menu, and then click on Open option.
10. Users have to locate the “[screenname].pfc” file located on their Desktop, and then click on Open option to access their old PFC file.

Note: Users have to repeat steps 7 to 9 every time they want to access their old PFC file.

We had gone through all the steps to resolve the issue of “Unable to open Email in AOL desktop”. If the users still face some issues and facing some errors while following the method and its process with steps. They can take help from AOL Desktop Gold tech support number +1-844-794-2515 and our skilled experts will resolve the issues within a short span of time.

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