Ways to clean the HP print spooler

Print spooler is responsible to manage the document in the queue for the printing job. It allows the documents to load and save the documents for printing. Same as happens with HP printer and due to its reliable quality print job, it has the trust of million consumers. However, sometimes the print spooler stopped to work and need to clean it. If you have no idea about the HP printer technology and way to solve the problems, just keep in touch with trained experts. You can call on HP printer customer care number 1-877-576-7455 which is always reachable for all. Well, here some tricky steps are also described which you can follow to clean the print spooler.

Clean the print spooler by following steps:-

Step 1.
To clean the print spooler, have right click on “My Computer” and tap on “Manage” from the drop-down menu.

Step 2.
Tap on the option “Services & Applications” than to view all services on computer click on “Services.”

Step 3.
Scroll the “Print Spooler” & right-click. Now click on the option “Stop.”

Step 4.
Tap on the “Computer” after shrinking the window.

Step 5.
Finally, click on the hard drive of the computer, i.e. “(C:) drive.

Step 6.
Now click on the “Windows” folder and then on “System32.”

Step 7.
Tap on the folder “Spooler” & then “Printers” to view the print jobs.

Step 8.
Tap on the key “Ctrl” & “A” to select all and press the key “Delete” to clean the Print Spooler. Now you can close the Window.

Step 9.
To schedule the print job once again, restore the “Services” windows and right-click on Print Spooler. Now tap on “Start.” Now you can continue printing.

Finally, you are capable to fix the trouble with Print Spooler and restart printing your documents. If any kind of glitches appear or you have doubt about it, get in touch with customer care. Via HP printer technical support number you can reach to the customer support experts and tell them for a complete solution. Their services are 24×7 available to rectify the HP printer hiccups.

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