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AOL Inc. is an American based online and internet service provider created in 1983 in New York. AOL Desktop gold is an easy to use, all in one desktop that provides mail, browsing, search, content etc. It helps the users navigate the world of AOL seamlessly whilst providing a faster and more secure experience but keeping in hand the familiar look and feel. It has also presented itself with many new features one of the best being its automatic updates, saving its users so much time by detecting old versions and updating them to the latest ones. It also provides an enhanced security system one of which being its two-step verification process to protect your account from being compromised.

But it has been noted that the customers face the problem of logging in after the download AOL desktop Gold process is complete. This issue isn’t that big of a problem but at the same time to a nontech person, this could be the hardest part of downloading any software or webmail etc.

The steps you could follow to log in to your AOL Desktop Gold are:

Step 1: Open or launch your AOL Desktop Gold.
Step 2: Enter your username and click continue.
Step 4: Make sure the appropriate username is displayed in the field.
Step 5: Click ‘next’.
Step 6: Enter your password and click ‘sign in’.

These are the steps you can take to log in to your account after you Install AOL desktop Gold. Make sure that you go to the correct home page or make sure the website’s URL is correct or else you will face the unnecessary trouble of searching and redoing the whole process over again.

If you face any difficulty or additional problem while trying to log in, you can contact the AOL technical support number and avail the help of skilled engineers and technicians who will provide you with easy to understand information and step by step instruction to help you resolve your doubts and technical problems. So you don’t need to worry for the hiccups which appear with AOL gold.

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