Easy steps for filtering messages in Yahoo email

Do you feel irritated with overloaded Yahoo inbox with spam emails? Moreover, you don’t know the right way to enable filtering of messages! If the answer is yes, then you are reading the right blog. Here you will get to know about some steps for filtering messages in Yahoo email. You can try reaching out to Yahoo customer care number 1-866-702-5317 any time of the day or can perform the troubleshooting steps given in this blog.

While using Yahoo email, you have an advantage of clearing out the inbox and stay organized by creating up to thousands of filters that tell incoming emails to what folder to deliver in. You can also redirect emails to your customized folders or standard folders like trash or spam. By following these undermentioned steps you can set up a filter in Yahoo email.

Steps for filtering messages in Yahoo email:

Step 1: From the browser of your preference, log in to your Yahoo email account
Step 2: Enter your username and password
Step 3: Now go to the ‘options’ page, where you will see a menu located at the top right corner.
Step 4: Go to the ‘Filters’ page from the management column
Step 5: Click on the add button, you will reach an additional ‘add message filter’ page
Step 6: Give a name of your choice for this filter in the ‘filter name’ field.
Step 7: Put the keyword ‘spam’ in the subject field.
Step 8: Select the ‘trash’ folder from the drop-down menu for the ‘move the message to’ field

Click the ‘add filter’ button to add this filter and you are done. Now any email that has word ‘spam’ in the subject field will be automatically moved to the Trash folder that you created.

While following the steps, if you come across any inconvenience, then try reaching out directly to Yahoo technical support number which can be reached 24×7. The trained team of experts, who are know all the Yahoo email related issues well, will help in sorting out the issue in the least minimum time. They are trained to provide excellent and ever-lasting solutions.

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