How to Back up or Restore Your Quicken Data

Quicken is advanced and prominent software that assists you in managing your finances. Quicken files contain your crucial and sensitive data, and it has become necessary to create a backup of your data. Few circumstances are there where your PC gets crashed, or Windows gets corrupted. You will be in danger if you don’t have a Quicken backup. You will find the importance of backup or restore your Quicken data or how to restore data for Mac and Windows in this blog.

If you have a problem in taking the backup of your data, you must call the Quicken Customer Service Number to get the appropriate tips to back your Quicken data. Few necessary information will save you from losing your crucial Quicken files and sensitive information. Reports, passwords, accounts and attachments are a few vital pieces of information to backup your Quicken data.

How to Restore Quicken Data for Mac?

  1. Restore Quicken Data for Mac
    ● Choose the ‘file’ and save a ‘backup.’
    ● Now choose a ‘place’ where you want to save the File.
    ● Next, press on ‘Save’.
  2. Restore Quicken Data to the USB Thumb Drive, CD, DVD
    ● Choose the ‘file’ and save a ‘backup.’
    ● Choose a ‘place’ where you want to save the File.
    ● Next, press on ‘Save’.
  3. Take Quicken Data Backup
    ● Firstly, choose the ‘file’ and then select ‘Restore from Backup’.
    ● Search the ‘backup file’ that you want to restore.
    ● Press on ‘File Store’.
  4. Automatic Backup

a) Be Sure Automatic Backups Are Turned On
● Go to ‘Quicken’ and choose ‘Edit.’
● Next, choose ‘Preferences.’
● Choose ‘Backup’ from ‘Setup’.
● Connect directly to the ‘backup folder’ with the automatically ‘backup data file.’
● Choose the ‘number of ‘backup data files you wish to save.

b) Take an Automatic Backup
● Select ‘File’, then choose ‘Restore from Backup’.
● Now move to ‘Quicken’>Backups.
● Next, choose ‘Automatic backup.’
● Press on the ‘file’ to restore.

How to Restore Quicken Data for Windows?

a) Check if automatic backups are switched on
● Go to ‘Quicken’ and select ‘Edit.’
● Next, choose ‘Preferences.’
● Choose ‘Backup from Setup’
● Examine ‘symbol’ to connect directly to your backup folder
● Choose the ‘number of backup data files’ you wish to save.

b) Restore an Automatic Backup
● Choose the ‘File’ and select ‘Backup’ or ‘Restore.’
● Press on ‘Restore from Backup’
● Now choose ‘Restore from Automatic Backup.’
● Select the ‘File’ you want to restore
● If you wish to create a ‘copy’, choose a ‘location’ and save it with a ‘different name.’
● If you want to ‘restore’ it, then overwrite the ‘file’ and press on ‘Save’.

Here, few steps are described to know how to Backup or Restore Your Quicken Data and follow it. Restore your Quicken data hassle-free. If you have found a problem in any step, you must call Quicken customer care to get the steps for restoring the Quicken data. A quicken help desk is opened 24/7 hours to assist you.

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