How to download existing AOL account

Talking about free email access, AOL is the name of the trust. Basically, AOL is a very popular service provider of internet and it does not just provide free emails and internet, it also takes care of the boosted speed that you get while using the internet and other applications and it also improves your security. Moreover, downloading the existing AOL account can also be easy. And using the AOL desktop one can also enjoy the access of their account in a device, even after the shift. This means that, even if you have started using another device, you can still access the account on your new device without any hassle.

In the following blog, you are going to be acquainted of all the important facts that you should know about the AOL account. And to start with we have the FAQ that how can we download AOL desktop Gold easily.

Firstly you should always be up to date when it comes to using the software. For this, you should always have an updated software. Now to download the software you will have to follow these steps:

• Open any existing browser on your desktop.
• Go to the official website of AOL.
• Enter your ID and password.
• See the compatibility of the software with your desktop. For this, you can also run diagnose and let the software check that the requirements are being fulfilled or not.
• After completing these steps successfully you can click on the download link and get things started.
• You can download the software for free.
• AOL is available for both, Windows as well as Mac.
• Once your file is downloaded, you go to your download section in your desktop and double-click on it.
• This will run the software and then start the extraction.
• Click on the finish as the installation process completes.
• Later to this launch your software by clicking on the icon.

Now if you change your device, there is always a hassle of importing your important stuff to your new device. But with AOL in your desktop, this problem is also eliminated. All you will have to do now is log in to your account and download whatever you want.

This web-based software is one of the best in the market and can help you in many ways. You can easily install AOL gold software in your desktop by following the above steps.

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