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How to fix Dell printer error code 024-910

The printer has been considered to be one of the most important inventions of all time. Because of printers, people can get information and also spread news and messages. It is a very crucial piece of equipment and has made the lives of people everywhere very easy. And over the years, with the advancement in technology, companies all over the world have been producing many good printers which have increased competition in the market. And among these, Dell is considered to be one of the best manufacturers of printers. These printers are affordable, comes in all shapes and sizes and are effective for everyday printing work. But leaving aside all its features and productivity, it does have certain errors that come with the advent of time. One such error is error code 024-910. This error occurs when there is no conformity between the paper set and the required paper. But this problem can be easily fixed as long as you apply the proper method or technique to it. If you want to know how you can safely resolve this problem, you can continue with this blog or, you can take the help from experts by calling Dell customer care number.

When this error happens it will stop the processing of the printer and it will affect the quality or the product of the print. To solve this error code problem you need to perform some steps which aren’t hard to understand and to execute. You will be provided with these steps in the point below, so follow them accordingly and try not to miss out on any one of these steps.

  • Firstly, you need to examine the error. Know that it is related to the load tray and occurs because of a dissimilarity between the required paper and the paper set.
  • Now you must check the paper present sensor to make sure it is not damaged or anything.
  • Also, make sure to print a settings report.
  • Try enabling the substitute tray option. Setting it to the nearest size will initiate the printing on the available paper.
  • Examine the paper size and the typesetting.
  • Also, check the print driver size and the type setting along with application size and the type setting.

These are the steps you can try to apply while handling the error on a Dell printer. If these fail to deliver, you can contact Dell technical support number to get help from expert employees.

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