How to Fix Download and Install Error in AOL Desktop Gold

Though AOL Desktop Gold is a mind-blowing software providing its users with a variety of services, still it can also go through some kind of snags in using AOL Desktop Gold software. The glitches can occur due to many reasons, and to rectify the problem one person should know the exact reason.

One of the issue with AOL Desktop Gold software is when the user fails to download AOL Desktop Gold software. Let’s first understand what this error is all about, how this problem arises and the solution to this problem.

Reasons behind the download & install issue

There can be various type of factors behind the errors with the software. Some of the common reasons are discussed below. You can solve the problem with some simple steps. Just read this whole blog and you will know the steps to fix this error:

  • Internet connection is causing a problem due to which you are unable to download the file.
  • Storage in the computer is not enough to download the software file.
  • The software file you have downloaded is corrupt.
  • Your system is not compatible with the software.
  • The system is affected by some kind of virus or malware.

Steps to quickly rectify the problem

  • Run a full system scan on your computer using Windows Defender or any other Antivirus software. So, that the presence of any virus or malware can be detected and resolved. Once the scanning gets completed, your system will show any kind of malware or virus on the screen. Select and delete the suspicious files from the computer.
  • Make sure that your computer has all the system requirement needed to install AOL Desktop Gold software. System requirements are:
  • Windows system 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 your operating windows system
  • At least 1 GB RAM, and a processor running faster than 266 MHZ speed.
  • Disk space of more than 512 MB
  • Fast and stable internet connection.
  • Clear all the browsing history including all the cache, cookies and history of the web browser. Delete all the unnecessary files stored in your computer storage.
  • Update the system drivers also.

All the steps which can be helpful to fix the download & install AOL Desktop Gold error are discussed. If you face any problem in performing these steps or these steps don’t work, then consult the experts on customer support service.

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