How to Fix “Invalid ID or Password” Message in Yahoo

While accessing the famous webmail service Yahoo users sometimes confront some complications. These issues appear in the form of error code or warning message. Each error may differ from one another and so is their reason to occur. The warnings that obstruct your path of accessing your email may vary like incorrect username, wrong password or your account is hacked and others. Whatever issue you are facing whether it is a minor or major one, in order to get it solved you have to reach out to Yahoo customer care number 1-866-702-5317 available 24×7 hours in a day.

If the error message received by you is ‘invalid Yahoo ID or password’ then you don’t need to get worried. This blunder arises when the arrangement of email address an password entered by you does not match with the once saved in the record. You must be extra caution while entering the login credential and make sure to follow these preventive measures to ensure that you don’t lose access to your account:

  • Make sure to check the Caps Lock whether it is turned on or off
  • Double check the spelling of the username and password
  • See if the Num lock key is on or not
  • If the autofill setting of your browser is turned on it will automatically save the username and password and every time when you try to login theses credentials are filled automatically. It is advised to always clear out this information and try entering these manually.
  • Remove the browser data that is temporary internet files and make sure that your browser is updated

If after implying theses precaution you are not able to login to your Yahoo account than it is possible that your account may have been hacked. If this is the case then it is best to get in touch with Yahoo technical support number which stays put throughout the day in a year. The team of experts will help you to regain the access of your account by annihilating the login issue from the core itself.

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