How to install windows 8 on Dell computer

Dell computers are compatible with Windows OS every version, but the most suitable Windows version for Dell computer is Windows 8. If you want to know the steps to install Windows 8 on Dell computer, then read this blog or you can call on Dell customer care number.

Steps to install Windows 8 in Dell computer

  1. Put the Windows 8 installation CD into the CD-Drive and restart your computer. Then perform the given below steps according to your computer’s specification.

Option 1.

Check the logo screen of your computer, if this doesn’t support the UEFI BIOS. Then tap the F12 key continuously until the screen show Please Select Boot Device. Select CD/DVD/CD-RW Device then press Enter.

Option 2.

If you find that, your computer supports UEFI BIOS. Then press F2 key again and again, until the System Setup comes on the screen.

After that follow these steps:

  • Depending on the BIOS type, scroll up and down in the page and find Boot Make sure the following:
    • Boot mode is set to UEFI.
    • Disable the Secure Boot mode.
    • In the order of boot devices,

Either CD/DVD/CDRW or Internal ODD Device should be the first item in the list.

  • Save all the changes and come out from the system setup, then restart the computer.

Then the Windows setup will appear on the computer screen.

  1. Select the language you are comfortable with to install, Time and currency format, and the input method. Then click on Next.
  2. Then choose to Install Now. Then the screen will ask for the Product Key.
  3. Find the Product key (25 character sequence) and enter in the required box and click on Next to continue.
  4. Then accept the license agreement and continue.
  5. Then choose the type of installation you want, the custom installation will be the better option. Ensure to make a backup of all the data in your computer, because this process will erase all the data.
  6. Then the windows will be freshly installed when the installation will be in the last stage, the computer will restart several times. This may take a while to complete the installation.

Now, you know the whole process to install Windows 8 on a Dell computer. These steps are quite complicated, so for any instance, if you feel like help then call on Dell customer support number.

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