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How to troubleshoot spooler error in Dell printers

A print spooler is a tool that helps your computer system to interact with the printer and then orders the print jobs stored in your printer queue. In simpler terms, a print spooler is basically a software program responsible for managing the print jobs. It allows the user to make an adjustment in the print commands. If you encounter any error message regarding the print spooler then surely there is some issue that needs to be rectified as soon as possible. For the instant solution, you can get in touch with Dell customer support number which is available online 24×7.

Dell is a popular brand that manufactures, sell and repair various types of technical devices including laptops, printers, computers and many others. Dell printers are available in different models like inkjet, wireless, laser and others. It allows you to print a highly defined and perfect hard copy of the soft material. With so many powerful features, there occur some problem with Dell printers. The most common issue being with the print spooler.

Solution: Fixing the print spooler error in Dell printer

You can try to perform some troubleshooting steps to rectify the error. All you need to do is follow the steps in the same manner as they are given.

These steps can be performed by the users of Windows 10.
Step 1: Start with typing ‘troubleshooting’ in the search box of your computer
Step 2: Click on the option once it appears on the control panel.
Step 3: Click on use a printer, under hardware and sound column
Step 4: Now press the advanced button
Step 5: Choose ‘run as administrator’ and if required input your credentials or you can skip it too
Step 6: Click on ‘next’ and follow the instructions as they appear.

These steps are easy to follow and can be done anytime. But even after doing the required troubleshooting, if the spooler error still exists, then you need to connect with Dell customer care number. the highly trained and certified technicians will resolve the issue in minimum time providing you with an adequate solution.

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