How to update Flash Player in the AOL Desktop software

Updating your adobe flash player in AOL desktop is necessary if you want to continue enjoying playing games, listening to music, watching videos etc. because the adobe player deals with the proper functioning of graphics and audio and video quality and multimedia. It is also important for Rich Internet Applications on your computer or any other supported device. This software is compatible with the AOL desktop and it is mandatory that users provide the necessary upgrade to it. Through Flash players and its built-in Digital Rights Management functionality, customers can stream any content they want in the AOL desktop. But there are times when customers have asked the question of how to update Adobe flash player in their AOL desktop. This is because not everyone is equipped with the knowledge and skill to carry out the task such as this.

After you download AOL desktop gold make sure that the adobe flash player is updated to its latest version. If it is not updated and you are looking for ways to carry out the update process then keep reading this blog. As the required steps needed for this process is mentioned down below:

Step 1: Go to the adobe flash player install page from your desktop.

Step 2: Select your operating system.

Step 3: And under the operating system option select ‘FP 31 Opera and Chromium- PPAPI’.

Step 4: Press ‘download now’ and save it to your desktop.

Step 5: Locate the folder where the file has been downloaded and click ‘open file’.

Step 6: Run the file as administrator and follow the instructions provided on the screen to finish the installation.

Step 7: After the installation process is finished restart the Desktop Gold.

These are the steps which you should follow if you want to update your adobe flash player for better video and audio and multimedia performance.

Install AOL Desktop Gold

Check if the adobe flash player is working properly with the desktop and the operating system of your computer so that you can prevent future inconveniences or problems due to the incompatibility reasons.


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