Not able to use scan to email wizard with HP Printer

HP Printers are well designed and smartly built, they are manufactured according to the enhancements in the technology, which is the reason people appreciate HP Printer so much. The user-friendly interface as well as the well-designed look, everything with HP Printers are best. But sometimes HP Printers also cause problems. Sometimes new users face the glitches in using certain features. If you unable to use scan to email Wizard with HP Printer, then it will be best for you to call on HP Printer customer care number without any delay. You should make sure that you are not getting the problem due to these factors (Admin access to the printer, SMTP server, SMTP port number, and the printer and computer connection to the same network).

Setup of scan to email Wizard

Setup of enabling the scan to email Wizard is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • This software only works with the Windows 7 operating system. So make sure to use it on the Windows 7.
  • Press the Start button available on Keyboard and click on Control Panel using the mouse. Then go to the Programs
  • Click on HP and then choose the name of your printer. Then choose scan to email Wizard.
  • Then in the appeared dialogue box i.e. Outgoing email profile, click the new button. Then the scan to set up dialogue will open.
  • Then type the sender’s email address in the required filed.
  • Then i9n the new required field, enter the name of the sender.
  • Before the printer starts the further process to send the email, it will require a 4-digit PIN. Enter that in the PIN required field.
  • Then enter the SMTP server and port number in the required field, on the authentication page.
  • Then choose the size of the email. Then check all the information and verify that all the settings are correct. If you find any mistake, then you can correct it.

Once you will complete all the setup for the scan to email Wizard with your HP Printer, then you won’t face any problems. Contact on HP Printer customer support number, if you encounter any problem in the process.

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