Outlook account not receiving Emails

What we should say regarding a product which evolved with the time and technology. Yes, we are discussing here regarding Outlook express which can be defined as one of the unique product and it is used by millions of users in the entire world. It has some unique features which can be utilized by the users for their own benefits. The users can check their emails while offline through Outlook, they can sync all the emails in Outlook. There is no Internet is required while checking emails through Outlook. The users might face some technical issues such as ‘Outlook account not receiving Email’ while using it and need some technical assistance to rectify the same. We are providing the solution for the same issue which users face with all instructions step by step. The users are required to follow that instruction as they proved over here to resolve the issues. If they face any technical error while following the instructions they can contact to our third-party tech support system where our certified technicians will assist them in resolving the issues through Outlook customer care number +1-866-702-5317.

The users have to follow the below instructions step by step:

Step 1: The users have to first open the Mail Setup dialog box.

1. After that users are required to click on Start button and then click on Run, and then type Control in the Open box, and then click OK.
2. It depends on the version of Windows to follow the instructions accordingly:

  • Windows XP:

If the users are in the Category View, they have to click on User Accounts, and then click on Mail

If the users are not in the Category View, then they have to double-click on Mail.

  • Windows Vista:

Now users are required to click on User accounts, and then click on Mail.
3. After the previous step the Mail Setup dialog box will open.

Step 2: Now the users have to start the New Profile wizard
1. In the new profile wizard users have to click on Show Profiles.
2. After that they have to click on Add option to start the New Profile wizard.

Step 3: Now the users have to create a profile
1. Now the users have to type test in the Profile Name box, and then click on OK to name the new e-mail profile.
2. After that the users are required to follow the steps appropriate for their version of Outlook:

  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

a. Now click to select the manually configure server settings check box.
b. After that click on Next option.
c. Where the users have to click on Internet E-mail on the Choose Service page,.
d. Now users have to Click Next.
e. After that the users are required to fill in the boxes in the Internet E-mail Settings dialog box. The users have ensure it that the Account Type setting is set to POP3.

Note Enter the information from your ISP or from your e-mail administrator in the Incoming mail server box and in the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) box.
f. Click on the Next, and follow the prompts to finish setting up their account, and then click on the Finish button.
g. The user’s new profile is created. Now they have to go to step 4.

Step 4: Now the users have to set the default profile
1. On the Mail dialog box, under the When Starting Microsoft Outlook, the users have to use this profile box, now they have to click to select the new profile that the users created in step 3.
2. After that the users have to click on OK button.

As according to the instruction we had provided for the users to resolve the issue “Outlook account not receiving Emails”. If the users face any error while following the instruction step by step then no need to worry we have one more option to resolve the issues through Outlook technical support number +1-866-702-5317 and our certified and skilled technicians will assist them in resolving the issues on a prompt basis.

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