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Yahoo email doesn’t need an introduction because it is one of the oldest and most preferred email services. There are countless users of this email across the globe. With its exceptional features, Yahoo shines apart from other services. But there are sometimes when the users of this email encounter snags. One such trouble is of opening attachments. If are also struggling with the same issue and need an instant solution then it is suggested to get in touch with Yahoo technical support number 1-866-702-5317 that stays available round the clock.

The failure to open the attachments mostly happens with those who use their Yahoo email on mobile phones. There can be many reasons behind the occurrence of this issue, but it can be easily fixed with some troubleshooting steps given in this blog. All you need to focus is on deriving a proper solution.

How to open an attachment in Yahoo email

File type: the basic requirement to open a file on your smartphone is that you must have an application installed on your device that supports the attachment file be in PDF or a document.

File Size: although the regular version of this email has no file size limitation it depends on your device memory to allow opening a file. Try to free up space for opening attachments from Yahoo email.

RAM: Random Access Memory also prevents the users from opening a Yahoo mail email attachment. At times, the RAM might become full resulting in an inability to open a mail attachment. Try to turn the phone off and then on again as it clears the RAM, giving the device with more room for better performance.

Virus or malware: this might be another reason for the file not being able to open. With the help of a good quality antivirus, try cleaning your Android or IOS device.

The above-mentioned options will help you in determining the causes as well as if applied with precision, they will prove helpful in fixing the issue. If you still find yourself unable to open the attachments in Yahoo email then you must reach out to Yahoo customer care number, where the trained technical experts will help you with the instant fixture.

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